Wednesday, 22 February 2017

English Translation Services

English Translators

Nowadays, English is a very active tongue and translating English is one of the activities that we carry out daily at Mars Translation. This language is used both in the public arena (management, television and radio or education) and private (written press, business, production or social networks). Due to this, consider very important offer a service of translation from / to English of high quality, to meet the demand of information and communication in this language. To this end, we have a team of translators from/to English native qualified and efficient, carrying its task with professionalism and rigour. Get More Info

English is a Germanic language which, thanks to the influence of economic, military, political and colonial has spread around the world. It is official in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and co-official in territories such as Bangladesh, Cameroon, Singapore or Thailand.

So much so that it is considered the second most spoken language worldwide. In particular, to 341 million people is their mother tongue, 508 million use it as a second or third language, and it is estimated that you there are in the world of more than one billion speakers in total.

Thus, is considered the main language of international discourse and lingua franca in many regions, so that is studied in schools from an early age. So only is surpassed in number of speakers native by the Chinese and the Spanish.

For these reasons, English is the language most popular in the network and it is estimated that 31% of Internet users use it as a lingua franca. So much so, that in seven years, has been the third language that has suffered the greatest increase in Internet use, with a 157%, after the Chinese and the Spanish. English Translation Services.

If you need translations from/to English and are looking for a good translator from/to English, at Mars Translation we are here to help you.

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